Advantages of Abasoft

Your IT practice is our passion

What does Abasoft EDV-Program GmbH offer?

Abasoft offers you everything from one source. We or our sales partners install conveniently anywhere in Germany via remote maintenance. Support and training is a matter close to our heart. Our employees (all from the medical field) also do this with remote maintenance on site or at your facility.

Software, hardware and accessories from a single source

In principle, we only work with well-known manufacturers. We select our suppliers and partners with the utmost care and regularly evaluate them. Our partners at a glance ...

Our hotline consists of a technical and an EVA hotline. You can reach them between 08:00 and 18:00, Monday through Friday. Until 19:00 at the time of billing! By using separate extensions, you can direct technical questions to our qualified and certified technicians. Alternatively, you can reach our EVA hotline for software support with another extension. You can only reach employees from the medical area on the EVA hotline.


We speak PRACTICE!

You will automatically receive regular updates (online and on DVD) so that you can work legally. We update our ABDATA drug database every month. You will also find many improved and new functions in the latest versions of EVA.

Always ahead of the time

We have been working for and with doctors since 1983. Based on this many years of experience, we have been able to develop a custom methodology that is as noncomplex and as simple as possible. In addition, we offer our new customers a free trial before data transfer! For us, change is no problem! In addition, EVA is compatible with all components of the telematics infrastructure. Despite the "third party connector", the change is a unimportant matter for us. 


We can telematics infrastructure!

We continuously improve and optimize internal processes and workflows. We take that customer focused and quality assurance seriously. We are constantly working to increase our customer satisfaction. We record this every year, and around 92 percent of our customers WERE VERY SATISFIED with us in 2018. In addition, our customers always have the opportunity to send us program requests or other extras / suggestions. These are systematically recorded and processed. Suggestions are never lost with us!