In addition to the content size, technical parameters also determine the practical suitability of a software. Modern software solutions should not only adapt to given conditions, but also be future-oriented. Not only the EVA application software was designed for current use, but great attention was paid to the future feasibility of the solution during development.

To mention from a few important advantages of EVA application software:

  • Use of a stable and prudential LINUX server
  • Integration of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 workstations
  • Host / server can be used as a workstation
  • Home offices can be set up via VPN
  • EVA can be operated with a mouse and / or keyboard
  • Thanks to the integrated fax interface, faxes can be sent directly from EVA and from any workstation
  • Thanks to the integrated telephone interface, the phone number can be transferred directly from the EVA to the phone, thus can be able to make a call without the hassle of dialing 
  • Integrated interfaces for connecting medical devices of other manufacturers to EVA (BDT, GDT, DicomWorklist etc.)
  • Fully automated laboratory data transfer over the Internet using the LDT method