Video consultation

the digital way of your practice

Video consultation allows your patients to enter your practice digitally. Especially, visiting your practice becomes easier for patients with chronic illnesses or from rural areas. But you also benefit from this. Of course, video consultation does not permanently substitute for a visit to your practice, but allows you to improve patient care and planning in everyday life. In addition, patients that is highly contagious viral diseases (eg due to influenza, COVID-19) no longer need to go to your clinic. This not only protects the rest of your patients, but also you and your staff.

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High flexibility

- Office hours that is independent from location

- Closer care for long-term patients

- Faster response time

Productivity increase

- Saving effort and time

- No long waiting times and waiting rooms

- Optimized and predictable patient care
- Simple billing

- Improved care for patients that live in rural

Easy application

 - No other hardware, software or add-ons required

- Intuitive use - Secure connection according to the highest standards 

- All in one thanks to EVA interface

Additional benefits:

  • KBV supports video consulting with a technology and subsidy surcharge; You can find detailed information about the packages here
  • Suitable for general practitioners and professionals
  • It is almost fully automated and can be easily integrated into the practical workflow

Videosprechstunde viomedi onlinesprechstunde online-sprechstunde

With Abasoft and VIOMEDI's video consultation hour, you receive your complete package:

  • Unlimited video consultation hours
  • Automatic and complete notification of patients
  • User friendly thanks to intuitive use
  • One reach for every application - ideal for group work
  • Appointments can be booked using the online scheduler
  • Automatically syncs with your training schedule
  • Patients that wait are displayed in the day list
  • Training takes place comfortably through remote maintenance
  • Secure and complete "end-to-end encryption"
  • Free support
  • Minimum contract duration of only 6 months
  • Connection to EVA is possible without any problems using the interface 
    The interface will be available within the next 6 weeks

Videosprechstunde viomedi onlinesprechstunde online-sprechstunde