A milestone on the road to paperless practice

The EVA archive is a milestone on the road to paperless implementation. Here, you can store image data, external findings and all your correspondence in a secure and structured in some way. You save on time and still have instant access to all patient information. Because you can bring the archived data back to your screen within seconds.

EVA archive is fully linked to the EVA database for barrier-free data exchange. External findings are automatically transferred to the electronic patient record. Data from external sources such as ultrasound or endoscopy devices, scanners, any video source and digital camera can also be stored quickly and conveniently with the EVA archive.


Scanning of documents on the patient

Technical details

  • One license for all workplaces in your practice
  • Easy integration into EVA application software
  • Easy transfer of existing data from external archives 
  • Java technology that is independent from platform
  • Direct support from Abasoft
  • Linux
  • Scanner
  • Frame catcher