Drug database

ABDATA is always up to date with us

Since 1 April 2018, prescription at the expense of the statutory health insurances via software have been only allowed if the underlying drug database is "up-to-date".

So, "up to date" means: not old more than one month. If the data in the drug database is more than one month old, the EVA system will inform you about this.

How is ABDATA updated monthly?

There are three different ways to do this:

  1. If your application is connected to the Internet, all EVA users will receive periodic updates on a regular basis. As part of these updates, as an EVA user you always get the latest version of the drug database fully automatically and without further technical or financial effort.
  2. If you are not (yet) connected to the Internet at your practice and have not received automatic interim updates, you can download monthly medication updates (eg from home) from our Internet service area and put them on a CD / Transfer DVD. This CD / DVD can then be imported practically using the normal update method (EVA command: ==> update point 1). It's easy to do and also no need to any financial expense for you. Please read the instructions that is below before installing.
    >>> Click for download area >>>

  3. If you are not connected to the internet at the practice and there is no other way to download the necessary data from the internet, you still have the option that you will want that we send you a CD which is the medication update for a fee. Please contact us about this topic. However, in this case, we strongly recommend that you must connect the practice securely to the Internet. The activation of the telematics infrastructure already makes this mandatory in the short term.

Instructions to download the drug database

First, download the updated drug database in our download area.

This is available as a zip. The format is available. Please "unzip" the file in advance before burning it to a CD. Proceed such as follows:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Then go to your download folder on your PC. The zip. You can recognize files from the yellow "zipper" symbol.
  3. When you click on this folder, the "Extract" field will appear on the starting line. Click on this menu item below.
  4. Then, will be wanted that you specify the storage location. You can also specify the download folder here. The file will now be extracted and saved in the download folder.
  5. You can burn this ISO file to a blank CD / DVD using a separate burning program and take it to your practice that near to you.
  6. Insert the CD / DVD to the disk drive and enter the command "==> Update" in your EVA workstation. Then select the 1 "Import update" menu item. Your drug database will now be updated.

The procedure may differ depending on the operating system.