Always up to date and always one step ahead

With EVA, you work up to date and in compliance with the law. Four times in year, you will receive regular online updates with all required updates on DVD-ROM and with major innovations or improvements.

Our customers receive the drug database every month via an online update. Offline customers can easily download the updated drug database to a data carrier at home and thereby update themselves.

The built-in database installs EVA updates inside seconds.

Updates are no problem if there is EVA! Updates can be installed quickly and smoothly, thanks to proven database technologies also used in banking.

EVA - used since 1983 and always "in fashion"

Experience meets with modernity. Experience get together with modernity. EVA has been used in doctors' offices since 1983. During this time, EVA was able to learn a lot about daily practice, so it is optimally tuned for all disciplines and requirements today. And we learn new things every day. Modernization of the surface is as important as the continuous improvement of the software.

Digital release notes anytime, anywhere