Introduction of the EVA


As application management software, it is very simple but maximally efficient

Who is EVA application software for?

EVA has been developed for general practitioners of all specialties. Subject-specific requirements and all HZV and FZV contracts are also no problem for EVA.

EVA is versatile

EVA can be used in an individual practice, a community practice, a (above-local) professional association (BAG for short) and medical care centers (MVZ for short).

What are the advantages of EVA?

30 years of experience tells it all! Developed by academics and medical staff for direct application in Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg).


We know exactly what is important in practice. Many modules in the EVA are already free for you (national medication plan, invoice assistance and much more).

Developed by academics - perfected by application

EVA is characterized above all with its speed and stability. The Linux server allows us to offer you a program that can withstand your daily speed. In addition, the Linux server also offers you more security against opposite to external attacks. But no fear! You are working in a Windows interface as usual.


Our EVA program is officially approved for all applications and by different authorities (gematik, KBV, DGUV etc.) for all HZV and FZV contracts (see KBV certificates and downloads).


The apps are never alike, and that's a good thing! Therefore, you have the option to create almost everything separately in EVA (eg design, business processes, content etc.). If that's not what you want, okay.

Stable and safe

Generally, with EVA, you only pay for what you actually use. You have a one-time license fee and you can use it to equip as many workstations that is as you want. If you want features or modules that are not included in the standard version, you only pay for what you actually use and need.

No hidden costs!

There are many reasons in favor of EVA

... here are just a few at a glance

  • Suitable for all disciplines
  • All HZV and FZV contracts are possible
  • For all application sizes and MVZ etc.
  • Multi-user license
  • Very high working speed and security thanks to the Linux server
  • Medication plan WITHOUT additional costs
  • Online editor
  • Multi tenancy
  • Free connection of devices via GDT, CIS and laboratory data transfer
  • Participation in the Einfach.Digital.Vernetzt project.
  • Company hotline from 08:00 to 18:00 - until 19:00 during invoicing
  • Successful in the market for nearly 40 years
  • Cooperation with well-known manufacturers and partners
  • Approved for telematics infrastructure
  • Company that has been managed by owner