IT Security

IT security in the doctor's office is more important than ever!

Nowadays, free virus protection is no longer sufficient to protect your practice data. Current threats are becoming more and more frequent and complex (see live overview from the Sophos lab). Ransomware couldn't encrypt your entire network so quickly, using complex options and vulnerabilities. This won’t only cost you a lot of money, but also time and nerves.

That's why we work with the well-known partner Sophos. Sophos produces and develops its products in the EU. Sophos offers the highest level of security possible to you and your application data.

Live overview to malware threats

As an authorized partner of Sophos, you will receive a world-class firewall and virus protection from us. A sufficiently protected network ALWAYS consists of virus protection and a firewall. That's why we ALWAYS recommend the combination of firewall and virus protection to our customers! 


  • Virus program:
    Roughly speaking, the difference is that a virus program protects your system from viruses and digital worms. Additionally, it regularly scans your system and files to malware.

  • The firewall:
    The firewall protects your system from outside attacks, hackers, and applications that try to enter your network or illegally to access data from your system.

But we will not leave you alone! If you choose our security solution, abasoft employees specially was trained and was certified by Sophos will check and update your system every week! Next, you will get a report about your current system state and the best:

Sophos control panel functionality gives you both a complete overview and complete freedom of action on your network security! 

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