Speech Recognition

Speech recognition and digital dictation

Speech recognition solutions can simplify the generation of reports and communications, reduce production times and decrease copy costs. Dictate and edit your texts yourself or create an audio-supported draft that you will forward to the medical transcription specialist for editing. Generate findings in one or more locations - and choose your preferred workflow.

Advantages in diagnostic reports 

  • Shorter delivery time 
  • Precious time is saved
  • Significant reduction in writing costs
  • Increase in productivity without loss of quality
  • Quick communication of important results
  • Increased satisfaction from referring doctors
  • Documentation that developed so that it make more precise clinical information available to make better clinical decisions


Timely reports, shorter delivery times and lower transcription costs.

We have years of experience about integrating Nuance's SpeechMagic speech recognition system into EVA-RIS.


EVA-RIS also provides the option to generate radiological reports efficiently and effectively via an external link to MS WORD ™.

Along with speech recognition or simply digital dictation, dictation is added directly to the created WORD ™ document without any intermediate steps.

By using ready text modules and macros, it is possible to transfer medical documentation as well as patient master data seamlessly.

With EVA-RIS, you can print all general application forms in accordance with the format. With EVA-RIS, even the comfortable printing of blank forms on safety paper is not an obstacle - the form is filled directly on the screen in a very short time and then printed.