Electronic doctor's letter

KV-Connect e-doctor's letter via KV-SafeNet

Exchange KV-Connect e-doctor letters with your physicians directing via KV-SafeNet

Via KV-Connect, the e-doctor includes patient information such as name, date of birth and address, and all diagnoses and information related to the drug can be entered. Encrypted transmission over KV-SafeNet ensures the security of KV-Connect.

Monotype standard

A big advantage of the e-doctor via KV-Connect is that it can be used by almost any colleague, regardless of application software.

Easy assignment to the patient

Another important feature of the e-doctor's letter is that the e-doctor's letter is simply assigned to a patient. In this way, you can transfer the doctor's letter to EVA RIS quickly and easily.


The online delivery of the KV-Connect e-doctor is safe because it is transmitted only over the secure KV-Connect connection in the KV-SafeNet.