Private liquidation

"Those who write the bill want to get their money's worth."
(Walter Ludin)

Liquidation of private patients has an increasingly important position in radiology. Special rules apply to invoicing in the private sector, and they are all matched to EVA-RIS.

Whether you create and print liquidations yourself or choose a special medical clearinghouse (PVS) - EVA-RIS custom liquidation, invoicing, checking numbers, adjusting and printing variations in individual or batch printing is child's play.

In addition, EVA-RIS offers custom batch billing option with cooperation partners such as various hospitals. In this way, services can be mapped separately as collective receipts containing all patients and amounts for the external invoice receiver. And all this, of course, is digitally via the HL7 interface.

Cash accounting

"If the approach isn't truth, it won't work."
(Uli Löchner)

EVA-RIS supports you with an integrated service catalog that can be adapted to your wishes and ideas so that you can record your radiological services completely and quickly (see also order catalog).

Predefined services are provided in advance with appropriate set of numbers so invoicing can be processed flexibly and without further control.

The solution ensures completely and faultlessly recording of all data that are related to billing - with test runs in accordance with applicable KV regulations.

The KBV control module checks the completeness and consistency of your billing data before it is transmitted to KV. EVA-RIS also presents detailed performance statistics showing which services are billed in a specific period and where the trend is going.