TI Funding

Doctors and psychotherapists do not have to pay for their practice's connection that is with TI. Health insurance companies cover the costs.

Each application receives an initial comstant rate that includes the connector cost and one to three card terminals. In addition, there is an initial lump sum that includes the costs of the PVS software update, the installation of the technology, and the additional costs of applications in the startup phase of the VSDM.

Practices also receive grants for ongoing operating costs: for maintenance and necessary updates of the connector, as well as for VPN access service. Additional current fixed prices are provided for the practice card (SMC-B) and the electronic healthcare specialist card (eHBA).

A mobile card terminal is also funded when doctors visits the home and nursing home or work in outsourced practices.

First equipment required for TI

To connect with TI, each branch requires the following:

  • a connector that connects the application to the TI
  • VPN access service for TI
  • At least one (new TI compatible) card terminal
  • an application card for sign up and login (SMC-B)
  • Software update of the practice management system (PVS)

So-called, Insured Main Data Management (VSDM) applications must be connected to the telematics infrastructure until 30 June 2019. Without active VSDM, applications are threatened with fee deductions.