TI components

To connect with TI, each branch requires the following:

  • a connector that connects the application to the TI
  • VPN access service for TI
  • At least one (new TI compatible) card terminal
  • an application card for sign up and login (SMC-B)
  • Software update of the practice management system (PVS)

Please note:

Card terminals that have been in practice until now cannot be connected to the TI. However, they can continue to be kept as a "backup" for the replacement procedure (failure of the TI).

TI components at a glance

EVA Praxissoftware abasoft Arztsoftware Telematikinfrastruktur Konnektor


Access to TI is via a connector. It is similar to a DSL router, but operates at a significantly higher security level. It creates a so-called virtual private network (VPN) for TI, which makes communication possible using modern encryption technologies that are fully protected from the Internet. The connector connects to the practice's constant card terminals and the PVS over a network. It also includes the necessary module for VSDM. Only devices that approved by gematik can be used.

EVA Praxissoftware abasoft Arztsoftware Telematikinfrastruktur VPN

VPN access service

So that access to TI, apps require a private VPN access service that similar to an Internet provider that provide access to the Internet. These services must also be approved by gematik.

EVA Praxissoftware abasoft Arztsoftware Telematikinfrastruktur Kartenterminal Kartenlesegerät stationär

Constant card terminal (eGK readers)

New e-health card terminals are required to use the online applications of the electronic health card; first VSDM.


The electronic healthcare specialist ID must be read through the terminals. Devices must be approved by gematik.

EVA Praxissoftware abasoft Arztsoftware Telematikinfrastruktur Kartenterminal Kartenlesegerät mobil

Card terminal mobile

Doctors who visit home and nursing home are also given a mobile card terminal. These devices work in offline mode: it is not possible to update the main data of the insured person; this is only done at the place of main practice. To operate a mobile card terminal, an additional application ID or an eHBA is required for identification. Existing devices may continue to be used for now, as new mobile card readers are only expected in 2018.

EVA Praxissoftware abasoft Arztsoftware Telematikinfrastruktur Praxisausweis

Application ID (SMC-B card)

The practice card required to be registered by practices as a medical facility so that the connector can establish a connection with the TI. The so-called Security Module Card is a type of card B (SMC-B). The card is inserted to the connector when TI technology is installed and activated with a PIN. When the device is turned on again, the PIN code must be entered again. This is the only way for which the connector to connect online with the TI. Private security requirements apply for the issuance of practice IDs to allow only authorized users to access TI: Contracted doctors apply for practice identification from a card manufacturer that is gematik-approved. This provider receives confirmation from the authorized KV that the applicant is actually a contracted doctor and therefore has a practice card.

! Please note that the SMC-B card that is received must be confirmed as online within 14 days. You will find the receipt confirmation link in the cover letter.

EVA Praxissoftware abasoft Arztsoftware Telematikinfrastruktur Heilberufeausweis

Optional: electronic healthcare specialist card (eHBA)

The EHBA is not imperative to access TI but for certain TI applications. The ID card (other than TI) is already required for qualified electronic signature such as eArztbrief. VSDM, that is the first service, does not require eHBA. However, later scheduled service requires the "Emergency Management" eHBA. For EHBA, you can apply to the relevant regional medical unity.

EVA Praxissoftware abasoft Arztsoftware Telematikinfrastruktur

Adaptation of the practice management system

The EVA practice management system (PVS) should also be adapted to link to TI and import insurance data from the eGK. Update is essential for all other steps of TI connectivity. You will timely receive this update before installing components. Of course, the practice management system should also be controlled by gematik.

Integration of KV-Safenet to TI

The KVen secure network (SNK) depends on the telematics infrastructure. This means that in the future, doctors will be able to access applications on SNK via the TI connector, for example via online billing. By the way, this also applies to applications that are not currently connected to the secure network. They can also use SNK's offers. Applications that use SNK today and transition to TI can terminate their KV SafeNet connection when person announce notice six month before. So, you don't need to operate two connections as parallel and finance. If individual applications at the SNK are particularly important for doctors, it is recommended that they ask their provider before rescission whether these applications will exist at TI after the transition period.