In today's companies, IT is an integral part of everyday business life.

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Imagine a company that still records all of its data on paper instead of write emails and make phone calls. It is unimaginable nowadays. At the same time, information technology is one of the fastest growing fields. In a small or medium sized company without an IT department, it is difficult to stay up to date and identify problem areas in your own company's IT. IT services are services related to information technology.


Why do you need IT services of Medasol?

Medasol offers a variety of IT services for companies. It is especially important to you if your company does not have its own IT department and needs cost-effective advice on IT matters. We are happy not only to implement IT solutions in your company, but also to maintain them. Talk to us about our service and maintenance contracts and learn more about financing and leasing IT services.


Advice on obtaining IT solutions

There is no such thing as a "one" solution. With such advice, an IT consultant is sought for an individual solution to get the best price-performance ratio.


Care and support from Medasol

If an IT solution has already been implemented, maintenance is an important IT service. Nothing is worse than facing an IT problem and not having a contact person. That's why, Up2tech offers remote maintenance support, where problems with the company's IT can be solved from the outside.